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Hammer Mill Crusher

Hammer Mill, Hammer Crusher, Stone Crushing Machine, Ore Crushing Plant, Hammer Mill for Limestone

Hammer mill crusher is a kind of crushing machine utilizing high-speed hammer to crush materials. It is widely applied in the secondary and fine crushing process of barite, limestone, gypsum, terrazzo, coal, and slag in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractories and ceramics industries. To meet clients' diversified requirements, we have made the grate gap of the hammer mill adjustable so users can change the materials' granularity.

How does it work
Hammer mill crusher is mainly made up of housing, rotor, linings, and grate bars, among which the housing is divided into the upper and lower parts and forged from steel plates. Inner the housing, we set a replaceable high-Manganese steel lining. Several orderly-distributed hammers mounted on the shaft are integrated with the turntable and the axle to form rotors. The rotor of the hammer crusher will start to rotate under the drive of the motor, the centrifugal force generated from the movement of the rotor will force the hammers to expand around. When the large materials enter the chamber, they will be crushed by the high-speed hammer. Those crushed materials whose granularity has reached our standards will be discharged from the gaps of the grate bars, and those unqualified ones will stay in the chamber until they are small enough to get out of the stone crusher.

Technical Parameters
Model Rotor diameter Length of rotor Rotating speed Max feeding granularity Discharging granularity Production capacity Power Number of hammers Weight Dimension
PC400*300 400 300 1100 < 200 3-15 3-5 11-15 16 0.75 1367*680*1022
PC600*400 600 400 980 < 250 5-10 6-10 18.5-22 20 1.6 1713*1000*1300
PC800*600 800 600 980 < 250 5-20 30-60 45-55 24 3.6 2300*1390*1735
PC1000*800 1000 800 980 < 300 5-20 60-100 75-90 30 8.8 3072*1720*2121
PC1200*1000 1200 1000 650 < 400 5-25 100-200 132-160 14 13.1 3616*2226*2175
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