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High Efficiency Compound Crusher, GXF Series

Compound Crushing Machine, Stone Crushing Plant, Rock Crushing Machine, Ore Crushing Machine

Features of the compound crusher
1. Unique design & convenient maintenance
For this compound crusher, the back cover of the upper body can be opened manually or hydraulically, making it easy to replace or repair the spare parts.

2. Adjustable granularity & high efficiency
With the flexible adjustment mechanism of the crushing machine, the granularity of the crushed materials is effectively controlled. About 1/3 equipment investment and 1/2 energy consumption will be saved for a cement raw meal production line if a compound crushing machine is adopted.

3. Wide application
GXP series compound crusher is designed to deal with materials whose compressive strength is no more than 200MPa. The allowable feeding granularity ranges from 450mm to 1000mm, and the average discharging granularity is smaller than 5-8mm.

How does it work
The core part of the compound crusher is the rotor, which is comprised of shaft, disc, pin shaft, and hammer. The rotor will rotate in a high speed in the crushing chamber under the drive of the motor. Under the effect of the rotor, the fed materials will be impacted, cut, grinded and crushed. We have set a perforated plate under the rotor to let those crushed particles pass. The large particles whose granularity have not reached the standards will be retained and continue to be crushed until they are able to be discharged from the rock crushing machine.

Applications of the compound crusher
This series of compound crusher is widely used for crushing cement raw meal, cement clinker, coal, dolomite, flint, lead-zinc, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, and phosphate rock, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Max feeding granularity (mm) Average discharging granularity (mm) Production capacity (t/h) Motor power
GXF-40 450 3-5 35-45 75 12 2231×1940×2168
GXF-60 500 5-8 55-65 90 18 2231×1940×2168
GXF-80 500 5-8 75-85 132 21 2550×2630×2670
GXF-100 600 5-8 90-110 185 25 2550×3120×2670
GXF-120 600 5-8 110-130 200 28 2550×3390×2670
GXF-160 700 5-8 140-180 250 32.5 2793×3140×3014
GXF-200 700 5-8 190-220 280 38.5 2793×3410×3014
GXF-300 1000 8-12 280-340 450 55 3670×3850×4135
GXF-400 1000 8-12 380-420 560 65 3670×4180×4135
GXF-500 1000 8-12 460-520 710 75 3670×4500×4135
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