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DHP Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Stone Crushing Machine, Rock Crushing Machine, Ore Crusher, Hydraulic Crushing Machine, Hydro Cone Crusher

DHP series hydraulic cone crusher breakthroughs the traditional cone crusher design and utilizes the laminated crushing principle to improve its crushing capacity and quality. The supplementary lubricating system not only ensures the reliable running of the cone crusher, but also helps to save the time and labor costs considerably.

Features of the hydraulic cone crusher
1. High efficiency
With an intelligent design, the crushing procedure is displayed digitally and intuitively, enabling a convenient adjustment. The working process is controlled by program and the oil pressure is adjusted automatically. An alarming device is adopted. With the cone dimension being the same, the hydraulic cone crusher allows for an increase of 35%-60% output and a decrease of 20% power consumption comparing with the spring cone crusher.

2. Multi-purpose & easy-controlled
By readjusting the position of accessories and replacing some consumable parts, the crushing machines can be classified into 3 chamber types. When there is a machine failure, it is unnecessary to disassemble the crusher since the hydraulic system will let the system discharge the materials in the chamber automatically.

3. Lubricating system & overload protection mechanism
Equipped with an oil lubrication system, the spare parts of the hydro cone crusher are able to run smoothly. The hydraulic control system effectively guarantees the overload protection mechanism of the machinery.

4. Easy operation
The hydraulic control system contributes to an automatic adjustment process, simplifying the operation largely.

Working principle of the crusher
When the cone crusher is running, the transmission shaft and the cone will perform rotary motion around a fixed axis under the pressure of the eccentric sleeve, which is motivated by the motor. In this way, the crushing wall will sometimes approach the rolling acetabular wall which is attached to the adjusting sleeve and sometimes leave it. Then the ores will be impacted, pressed, and bent constantly and finally get crushed.

Applications of the hydraulic crusher
The DHP series hydraulic cone crusher is widely used for crushing ore, high-hardness rock, building materials and other products in cement, and sand making industries, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Max feeding size (mm) Min size of discharge opening (mm) Rotating speed (r/min) Motor power (kw)
Production capacity (TPH) Closed-side setting (mm)
19 22 25 38 45 51
DHP-C4013 180 19 750 110~150
175~215 195~245 260~315

DHP-F4013 140 17 750 110~150 140~170 155~200 180~225 225~285

DHP-C4318 200 22 750 180-225
205~245 225~285 285~355 315~385 355~435
DHP-F4318 185 19 750 180~225 185~225 200~235 220~255 265~335

DHP-C4522 280 25 750 220~300

290~360 365~485 425~505 465~555
DHP-F4522 205 22 750 220~300
260~315 285~335 345~415 385~445
DHP-C4825 350 27 750 250~315

345~435 435~555 515~615
DHP-F4825 240 25 750 250~315
315~385 345~420 415~505 445~535 555~665
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