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PF Series Impact Crusher

Stone Impact Crusher, Limestone Impact Crusher, Granite Impact Crusher, Aggregate Impact Crusher

PF series impact crusher is used for crushing granite, basalt, limestone, and other products, with the material granularity ranging from 120mm to 300mm and crushing compression strength to be no more than 320mp. It features large crushing capacity, high crushing efficiency, and convenient maintenance. This kind of stone crusher is an ideal for high-grade road surface, railway, water conservancy project and electricity industries.

Features of the impact crusher
1. It features wide applications and good crushing result
2. With high crushing ratio, the materials processed by the crushing machinery are sharper than those crushed by cone crusher.
3. The central rotating impact bar is manufactured from high quality chrome to ensure that the crusher is abrasion resistant with a long life span.
4. The impact crusher is able to be opened automatically with a hydraulic system, ensuring that the system is easy to be maintained.

Working principle of the impact crusher
The impact stone crusher utilizes impact energy to crush materials. When the materials go into the area where the blow bars play a role, they will be crushed under the high-speed impact of the blow bars, and thrown to the impact plate above the rotor. Then they are rebounded to the blow bars, and being crushed again. The materials with different dimensions will be put into the chamber and crushed repeatedly. This process will continue until the materials are crushed to the required sizes and discharged from the opening of the impact crusher.

Applications of the crushing machine
PF series impact crusher has found wide applications in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, ceramics, refractories, highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, and sand processing industries, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model Feeding part dimension (mm×mm) Max feeding granularity (mm) Processing capacity
Motor power
Weight (t) Dimension
PF-1007 820×700 300 24-45 55 9.5 400×1558×2660
PF-1010 1170×720 350 50-80 75 10 2532×1985×2196
PF-1210 1090×465 350 80-130 110 14 2638×2037×2713
PF-1214 1440×465 350 100-160 132 18 2580×2400×2810
PF-1315 1532×560 500 140-200 200 19.3 2840×2748×2556
PF-1316 1690×859 500 150-200 200 19.5 3096×2850×2667
PF-1515 1580×696 500 220-280 280 28.5 3553×2835×3277
PF-1620 1600×2080 800 350-450 560 47.5 3800×3350×3250
PF-1822 1500×2250 1000 550-860 630 90 4260×3550×3640
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