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Single-stage Hammer Crusher, PCF Series

Stone Crushing Machine, Limestone Crusher, Coal Crushing Machine, Plaster Crusher, Hammer Crushing Machine

PCF series single-stage hammer crusher is suitable for dealing with limestone whose compressive strength is no more than 200MPa, plaster, coal, limestone, sandstone, shale, and the mixture of limestone and clay. It is equipped with wear-resistance hammer, adjustable crushing plate, safety door, etc.

Key advantages of the hammer crusher
1. Large crushing ratio
This kind of hammer crushing machine is of large crushing ratio. It is able to crush large ores to the required granularity only in one time, which has largely reduced the initial investment and the crushing costs comparing with traditional 2-stage crusher

2. Wear resistant hammer with long service life
The hammer of the crusher is forged using new technique, endowing it with high wear resistance and long life span. The sealing structure of the crusher has validly avoided dust pollution.

How does it work
The single-stage hammer crusher with single rotor utilizes a jointed V-belt which is powered by the main motor to drive the rotor equipped with pulley. The ores are fed into the crusher with a heavy-duty ore feeding device and fall on the feed roller which is equipped with shock absorber. The 2 roller running in the same direction will send the ores to the high-speed rotating rotor. After that, the hammers of the stone crusher will crush the ores with a high line speed and throw them to the impact plate for second crushing. The crushing process will continue in the working area of the crushing plate and the grates until the ores' granularity is smaller than the size of the gaps, and then the ores will be discharged from the opening.

Applications of the hammer crusher
This kind of single-stage hammer crusher is widely used in the industries of mining, building materials, chemical, metallurgy and fodder. It is able to crush materials with middle or small hardness in the secondary or fine crushing process.

Technical Parameters
Model Size of feed opening (mm) Discharging granularity (mm) Max feeding granularity (mm) Rotor length Production capacity Motor power Weight ( with the motor excluded)
PCF-1412 1290×1320 ≤25 600×600×900 1200 80-130 130-190 23.5
PCF-1616 1500×1785 ≤25 800×800×1000 1630 130-240 250-350 43.3
PCF-1818 1750×1840 ≤25 900×900×1200 1730 240-350 400-560 70
PCF-2018 2268×2130 ≤25 1000×1000×1000 1820 350-450 630-710 89
PCF-2022 2100×2380 ≤25 1000×1000×1500 2230 400-600 630-800 128
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