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Washing and Dewatering Bucket Wheel, XSD Series

Sand Washing and Dewatering Machine, Bucket Type Sand Washing Machine, Sand Washer with Dewatering Screen

XSD series bucket wheel sand washing and dewatering machine is a highly efficient machine used in conjunction with sand maker. It is developed after a long period of research. When this equipment works, the sand particles will rub with each other driven by the impeller to remove the dirt and water vapor covered on the particles. Strong water current is needed to finish the cleaning process.

Features of the washing & dewatering bucket wheel
1. Multi-purpose & good cleaning result
For this sand washing & dewatering machine, 3 operations as sand cleaning, dewatering, and classifying are available. A degree of cleanliness will be realized with this equipment.

2. Large processing capacity & long service life
The max production capacity of the washing and dewatering bucket wheel is up to 180t/h. Sand cleaning and transmitting is done simultaneously. With reasonable structure and valid sealing design of this product, maintenance is not needed for a long time. Dongmeng sand washer features high durability, low water consumption, and little noise.

How does it work
When the sand washing & dewatering machine works, the motor will motivate the impeller to move slowly under the support of the triangle zone, the reducer and the gear reducer. The fed sand will grind each other to remove the dirt and water vapor, which may has negative effect on the dewatering process. At the same time, the sand washing machine will release a strong water flow to wash away the dirt and the particles with small proportion. Those clean sand particles will be taken away by the rotating impeller and discharged to a tank.

Repair methods
1. Too much noise
In this condition, it may be bearing damage, loose bolts, broken beams, or spring damage. You can try to tighten the bolts first, if it doesn' t work, you may have to check and replace the corresponding spare parts.

2. The vibration motor runs slowly or the bearings are fevered
Add some oil for the bearings. Remember to use high-quality ones since the oil will have influence on the performance of the bearings.

3. The shaker couldn' t start or the amplitude is too small
You can try to check if the voltage is insufficient, or if there is damage in the motor or the circuit.

Applications of the sand washing & dewatering bucket wheel
This machine for sand washing and dewatering is widely used for washing and classifying materials with fine or coarse granularity in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity industries. It is especially ideal for sand for building and road construction.

Technical Parameters
Model Screw diameter (mm) Tank length (mm) Feeding granularity (mm) Processing capacity (t/h) Speed of screw (r/min) Water consumption (t/h) Motor power (kw) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
XSD2610 2600 3220 ≤10 50 0.8 5.5 4-4.5 2.7 3220×2125×2670
XSD3016 3000 3810 ≤10 80 0.8 7.5 16.3 3.2 3400×2615×2800
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