Mobile Cone Crusher, DLD Series

Mobile Cone Crushing Plant, Mobile Crushing Station, Portable Cone Crusher, Mobile Ore Crushing Plant

Mobile cone crusher is mainly comprised of high-performance vibrating screen, cone crusher, conveyor belt, control cabinet, and motor. With the body of the crushing plant mounted integrally, it is of large flexibility. Dongmeng portable cone crushing plant is customizable. It is distinguished for large processing capacity, efficient crushing process and strong adaptability.

Main advantages of our mobile cone crusher
1. Good mobility and flexible configuration
2. Cost effective
3. Compact structure
4. Stable performance
5. Easy to be maintained and operated

How does it work
For this mobile crushing plant, with the belt transmitting the materials to the cone crusher, the crushed materials will fall on the belt and be sent to the vibrating screen. After a classifying process, the particles whose granularity has met our requirements will be transported to the stacking area, and those unqualified ones will be sent back to the crushing machine for further crushing.

Technical Parameters
Model DLDⅡ2-4015-3 DLDⅡ2-4518-3 DLDⅡ2-5118-3 DLDⅡ2-5421-3 DLDⅢ2-1212 DLDⅢ2-1313
Crusher model DMC1000 DMH1536T DMC1160 DMH1848T DMC1300 DMH1848T DMC1380 DMH2160T 2-PF1214 2-PF1315
Trailer main belt B650 B800 B800 B1000 B1200 B1200
Trailer return material belt B650 B800 B800 B1000

Trailer finished material belt 2×B400 2×B500 2×B500 2×B650

Transportation length (m) 16420 17740 17940 18500 16610 16610
Transportation width (mm) 2920 3150 3450 3960 2670 2960
Transportation height (mm) 4330 4780 4950 4950 4500 4350
Working length (mm) 16510 17830 18030 18590 16610 16610
Working width (mm) 3950 4180 4480 4990 2670 2960
Working height (mm) 4970 5420 5590 6390 4720 4580
Power (kw) 159.64 204.94 234.94 302.94 271.5 409.7
Trailer axle 3 axles 3 axles 3 axles 4 axles 3 axles 3 axles
Weight (t) 45 56 63 78 58 63
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