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Horizontal Vibrating Screen, DMH Series

Vibrating Screen for Stone Crusher, Crushing Coal Vibrating Screen, Iron Ore Vibrating Screen, Vibrating Screen for Dewatering

DMS series horizontal vibrating screen utilizes the movement of 2 unparalleled eccentric shafts to generate a powerful linear vibrating motion and thus completing the screening process. It is consisted of screen frame, screen, vibrator, shock absorber spring, and transmission part. Our vibrating screen is applicable in sand screening, material grading, dewatering, coal screening, mining, ore screening, and many other uses.

Features of the horizontal vibrating screen
1. With larger vibration force of this screen, materials are transmitted swiftly on the belt, so the production capacity of the screen is larger than others.
2. The superb dewatering performance effectively avoids the materials from blocking, enabling the screening machine to filter particles with small granularity.
3. Ring groove rivet is adopted for the coupling section to realize a high durability of the vibrating screen.
4. Stable running with the belt driving method

Working principle of the vibrating screen
DMH series vibrating screen is comprised of screen frame, screen, vibrator, shock absorber spring, and transmission part, among which the vibrator incorporates 2 eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) and gears. The motor drives the driving shaft through the belt and the driven shaft which is engaged with the upper gear of the driving shaft will be motivated. In this way the driving and driven shaft will rotate in an opposite direction simultaneously. The vibration force will be offset downward the 45° direction and become a composition of forces upward the 45° direction. So the trajectory of the vibrating screen is a straight line. Under the composition of forces and the gravity, the materials will be thrown up to jump forward along a line and the screening purpose is met. Dongmeng vibrating screen is distinguished for low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Model Dimension
Number of layers Processing capacity (t/h) Vibrating frequency (RPM) Power
Weight (t)
DMH824D 900×2400 2 10-16 950 5.5 1.7
DMH1230D 1200×3000 2 10-90 950 11 2.6
DMH1230T 1200×3000 3 30-90 950 11 3
DMH1536D 1500×3600 2 50-190 950 15 3.4
DMH1536T 1500×3600 3 50-200 950 18.5 4.7
DMH1848D 1800×4800 2 50-280 950 30 6.9
DMH1848XT 1800×4800 3 50-300 950 37 8.1
DMH2160XD 2100×6000 2 100-330 950 37 8.9
DMH2160XT 2100×6000 3 100-380 950 45 11.5
DMH2460XD 2400×6000 2 100-380 900 45 10.6
DMH2460XT 2400×6000 3 160-450 900 55 12.4
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