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Vibrating Feeder, ZSW Series

Stone Crushing Line, Coal Feeding Machine, Rock Feeding Machine, Vibrating Feeder for Coal, Sand Vibrating Feeder

ZSW series vibrating feeder is designed to feed the massive, granular, or powered materials into processing equipment both homogeneously and continuously. In crushing lines, this kind of auto feeding machine can be used not only to transmit the materials, but also to do primary screening for the crusher. It has found wide applications in all kinds of crushing and screening machines in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, artificial sand, construction waste recycling, building materials, chemicals, and abrasives industries, etc.

Features of the vibrating feeder
1. This kind of feeding machine shows superb compatibility to different ores, especially those viscous ones. It can work under dusty or moist environment
2. Sealing structure is adopted for the vibratory feeder to avoid dust pollution
3. The vibrator with double eccentric shafts provides stable vibration amplitude to guarantee the stable mobility of the ores
4. It is of little consumable parts, small power consumption, and high energy efficiency

How does the vibrating feeder work
Dongmeng vibration feeding machine is consisted of trough, vibrator, spring bracket, and transmission part, etc. The vibrator composed of 2 eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft), and gears provide power for the mobility of materials. With the motor impelling the driving shaft, whose gears are engaged with the driven shaft, the 2 shafts will rotate at an opposite direction simultaneously to let the trough vibrated. In this way, the purpose of feeding materials continuously will be realized efficiently.

Technical Parameters
Model Dimension of the trough
Max feeding granularity
Processing capacity
Rotating speed of the eccentric shaft
ZSW3896 3800×960 500 100-160 500-720 11 4.3 3882×1700×1350
ZSW4911 4900×1100 580 120-280 500-800 15 5.5 4957×1850×1350
ZSW5911 5900×1100 600 200-350 500-800 22 6.1 6000×1840×1400
ZSW6013 6000×1300 600 400-560 500-800 22 7.5 6082×2000×1450
ZSW6015 6000×1500 800 460-575 500-800 30 8.7 6086×2200×2099
ZSW6018 6000×1800 800 600-800 500-800 37 11.8 6310×2523×2510
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